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Watercolour Classes- 10 Weeks/ 20 hours

Classes for the Absolute Beginner

Learn how to really paint, step by step, where after various exercises, special effects, sky studies & colour theory, you will complete 2 paintings - an English Pub & a spectacular winter farm scene.


Watercolour Levels II to IV - 10 weeks/20 hours each

Discover the excitement of painting glass & silver!

Learn how to complete paintings of cityscapes, florals, the sea, people & more.

Randell takes the mystery out of perspective & composition so you can create absolutely STUNNING works.Bring a sense of humour & discover how to REALLY paint by this award winning National instructor.










This workshop is intended to both explain design & composition, as well as instruct you in different methods of acheiving not just a good composition but a great one. The student will be kept busy with exercises, note taking &  studies of several paintings that will them in the successful understanding of this remarkable & surprising aspect of creating a painting.

It includes a "Compositional Clinic", where students can bring in 1 or 2 paintings for assistance in compositional direction.

Students will be be left full of excitement & enthusiasm for their next painting.

MATERIALS: Sketchbook, an 8B pencil, eraser & sharpener.



Learn how to take the mystery out of perspective & create real depth through the use of basic rules. Learn about elipses, reflections & division of space. Complete 1 to 2 drawings.



The Intrinsic Beauty, a Visual & Intellectual Feast -6 hours

For the more advanced painter, this workshop begins with a short intro to 17th Century Dutch still life, symbolism, a discussion of the use of a limited palette. Learn how to really paint silver & reflections, the importance of composition & lighting, followed by the painting of one of the 2 paintings below:


                  "All Polished Up"                                                                           "Rhapsody in Blue"

Workshops & Classes


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